This guide is intended for anyone who wants to try to build a motorized slider. The slider is nothing more than a track on which a carriage. A simple carriage on which you can put a camera. This device, it is easy to see, you need to give fluidity and stability to the images. With the use of a motor, it is possible to move the carriage automatically.

For the realization of this project, not require any special skills or abilities. You tried to use the material very easy to put together and easy to find even for home users. The proposed project is not final and can be obviously improved.

This guide is divided into three parts. The first part will cover the mechanical construction of the dolly, the second part will cover the electrical / electronics, while the third will cover the programming.

For the mechanical part it is necessary to build some details. According to the possibilities and capabilities, the reader can decide the most suitable solution to him.
Initially, the project was developed for a motorized dolly photo. For this reason, has been chosen a motor drive via a stepping motor.
The choice fell on this type of engine, because it offers greater accuracy than a DC motor.
Nothing prohibits the use of another type of engine.



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