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             August 12 2014

         New Version


Short presentation of TLTools!
What is TLTools?

TLTools is a program that contains many useful tools for Timelapser.
The program allows to optimize the parameters of the picture, so as to obtain a timelapse more homogeneous as possible.
The program produces changes to the metadata needed to produce a final video (after exporting photos) without flickering problems.
The program is able to autonomously generate full video wideo with motion, effects, music, titles, intro etc …

  • Flickering: With this program you can fix the flickering. What is the flickering? The flickering is perceived unpleasant flickering in the movie that is due to changes in brightness between one frame and the next.To eliminate this unpleasant problem, the program will suggest changes to the exposure values such that in the final movie brightness variations are more smooth and gradual.
  • Edit Parameters: When a timelapse sequence is performed by varying some key parameters (exposure time, or diaphragm, the technique is called bulp-ramping and is implemented using special software such as magic lantern or other), the result you get is a movie where these changes are perceived because the brightness change is sudden and remarkable. The program automatically suggests changes to ensure that the final movie, these changes are masked with uniform and gradual changes.
  • Simulation Movements camera. The program allows you to create automatically and fast simulated movements of the camera. Among the possible movements are pan, tilt, zoom and freehand.
  • The program can directly create the final video, assembling photos and applying the changes made in modules deflicker and crop / pan / zoom / effects.
  • Possibility to apply more than 50 filters image processing to picture created, with the possibility (for most of them) to change the intensity of such processing
  • Among the filters, include the ability to create the Startrail directly from the program, with two variants and the ability to automatically remove subjects that can ruin the scene (Typical birds or insects)
  • Creating a video composed of multiple scenes, where you can add titles, music, introductions (see special program TLIntro).
  • Extract all frames of a video and then be reprocessed and assembled.
  • The program works directly with RAW images, with images JPG, DNG, TIFF.
  • Create Template Lightroom export (up to 4K resolutions and frame rates up to 60 fps).

Windows XP or later
MAC (To do this, follow the appropriate instructions)

Adobe Lightroom 3.5 or later
Exiftool (is automatically installed)
FFMpeg (is automatically installed)

Screen resolution at least 1280×960



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